Principal’s Message

Today’s modern society is one of rapid progress and change, and from where we stand today, it is hard to imagine the true nature and extent of the challenges that lie ahead.

With this in mind, the focus of education should be to provide students with not only skills and knowledge for tomorrow, but also the tenacity and ability to work with others to solve problems both at a local and global level.

Based on the philosophy of "autonomy and symbiosis," Hiroo Gakuen Koishikawa’s educational programs aspire to create students who know, understand and value themselves and those around them. We also strive to encourage students to think about world issues on their own terms and to create forward-thinking solutions in collaboration with their peers and the wider community.


School Message

In 2021, Hiroo Gakuen Koishikawa Junior and Senior High School was established in the original area of Koishikawa Kagomachi.

Today, society around us is changing into an era in which diverse thoughts, experiences, and wisdom need to be brought together to create solutions to problems at the highest level. In response to this, a new approach to school education that goes beyond continuing traditional school education is required.

From its very establishment, Hiroo Gakuen Koishikawa Junior and Senior High School aims to deliver educational programs to meet such challenges. The six years of junior and senior high school are an important time for students to grow and learn, to develop genuine friendships and relationships through their studies and experiences together. Based on our educational philosophy of independent and community learning and in collaboration with Hiroo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School, we aim to provide an environment and opportunities for our students to maximise their own and one another’s potential together.